Fun Cup – Tier III Musketeers

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Fun Cup – Tier III Musketeers

Post by black-death666 on Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:24 pm

World of Tanks tournaments are most often played at Tiers VI or VIII. Sometimes it’s possible to play Tier IV or Tier X tournaments, but what about the lower tiers? We want to show the love to all World of Tanks vehicles and that’s why we’ve introduced the Fun Cup as one of the four EU All Star tournaments.

This iteration of the Fun Cup is dedicated to those beloved Tier III beasts. It doesn’t matter which nation you want to play, this tournament will be a show of skill at handling low tier vehicles! They are fast and furious, and they are waiting for you to light them up and bring your skill to the battlefield!

Why should you brush the dust off from your Tier III? Because there is a lot of gold waiting for the winners! Take a look at the prize distribution table below.

Team Place
1st Place
8000per player + gold medal
2nd Place
6000per player + silver medal
3rd Place (2 teams)
4500per player + bronze medal
4th Place (4 teams)
2500per player
5th Place (8 teams)
1500per player
Interested? We are sure you already are! Hit that button and prepare for battle!

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Re: Fun Cup – Tier III Musketeers

Post by Leomatiko on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:05 am

Currently our Tank set up is:
1x T57 (???)
4x Valentine AT (???) (???) (???) (???)
1x BT-7 (???)

all extras should use/aim for one of the following:
1x BT-7 (???)
1x T57 (???)
rest T-46 (???) (???) (???)


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